Resource Library Services

Backup Reference Service

In its role as the library system resource library, the Waukesha Public Library provides backup reference services for member libraries.  With a dedicated staff of highly qualified professionals who have access to additional research resources and tools, this service delivered by the resource library ensures that the citizens of Waukesha are able to find the information they seek.

If a library is unable to answer a reference question for their patron, they are encouraged to contact the reference department at the Waukesha Public Library for assistance.  As the resource library for Bridges Library System, Waukesha Public Library receives funding to help answer reference questions from libraries.  Contact the Waukesha Public Library via phone or email for assistance.

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OverDrive SupportWISCONSIN'S 4

Waukesha Public Library now offers the technical support for questions about OverDrive that come through Wisconsin’s Digital Library from citizens of Waukesha and Jefferson Counties.  Any citizen from Jefferson and Waukesha County who is having problems using OverDrive/Wiscconsin’s Digital Library will be able to get technical support by clicking on the support link within the catalog.

Reference Collection

The 2016 resource library contract with the Waukesha Public Library includes funds for materials to purchase to enhance the reference collection and also includes the ability to purchase items to develop a library professional collection. If you have a suggestion(s), please complete the form and submit title recommendations for purchase here.  See current purchases here. See the purchases made in 2016 here. See what was purchased in 2015 here.

If you have any questions about the reference collection, please contact Amy Welch: