Bridges Selected as New Library System Name

The eight libraries of Jefferson County are joining our library system on January 1, 2016.  As a result, we need a new name.  Thank you to everyone who suggested names and to those of you who voted in our poll.  The name “Bridges Library System” was selected.  We will be rolling out the new name in a coordinated fashion sometime this fall, after we secure the URL, create a logo, and take care of the appropriate notifications.

The library system board reviewed the results of an online naming survey, sought input from the library directors as well as the Jefferson County folks and then had a spirited and lively discussion at their board meeting.  After several rounds of voting, Bridges Library System (no acronym) was selected.  We hope the word conveys connections and support, which describes what we do for our libraries…and also describes what our libraries do within their own communities, connecting people to resources and providing support for lifelong learning.

We are now in the phase of choosing a logo.  If you’d like to vote, you can do that here:  We’d love your opinion.  Feel free to comment as well.  Comments are very helpful in further developing the logo concepts.