New Bridges Logo Selected

BridgesFullLogoLogo(Color)We have a logo for our new library system name!  After an extensive process that involved reviewing 360 designs and conducting two polls, we are comfortable that we not only have a great design but one that highlights our work with and for libraries.  Thanks to all who participated and provided valuable feedback!  The library system board made the decision at their September board meeting to select the design that was the most popular one in both of our polls.  After listening to feedback regarding the slogan itself, the board made the decision to use the one recommended by APL–“Bringing libraries together.”  They also asked that the design colors be tweaked.  We asked the designer to modify the colors to better match our CAFE logo.  Interestingly enough, the designer was the same one who created our CAFE logo which made the color matching easy.

Here’s our new logo–which we will be using very soon!