Waukesha County Library Planning Committee (Act 150 Committee)

Waukesha County’s County Library Planning Committee, also known as the Act 150 Committee, is convened when the county library plan needs updating.

The committee met from August 2016 through March 2017 and was charged with preparing a new county library plan for the county board of supervisors, member libraries, and public’s consideration.  The Waukesha County board approved the plan on July 25, 2017. The final version of the approved plan can be found here.

Committee Members

The following 17 people served as committee members on the 2016-2017 Waukesha County Library Planning Committee:

Paula Bailey (Citizen, City of New Berlin)

Vicki Braden (Pewaukee Public Library Trustee)

Dave Cox (Village of Hartland, local official)

Dave DeAngelis (Village of Elm Grove, local official) *Chair of the County Library Planning Committee

Diane Gard (City of Oconomowoc)

Larry Hopwood (Citizen, Town of Lisbon)

Pete Loeffel (Library Director, Muskego Public Library)

Grant Lynch (Library Director, Waukesha Public Library)

Karen McNelly (Citizen, Town of Mukwonago)

Bill Mitchell (Waukesha County Board)

Dale Noll (Pewaukee Public Library Trustee)

Betty Scanlon (Bridges Library System Trustee)

Edell Schaefer (Library Director, Brookfield Public Library)

Cheryl Schoenhaar (Library Director, Town Hall (North Lake/Town of Merton) Library)

Andrea Shrednick (Citizen, City of Delafield)

Jeremy Walz (Waukesha County Board)

Nancy Wilhelm (Alice Baker (Eagle) Library Trustee)


The committee has held its final meeting.  Please will find the committee’s approved plan here.  This plan was approved by the Waukesha County Board of Supervisors on July 25, 2017.

Approved Minutes:

August 4, 2016 Meeting
August 25, 2016 Meeting
Sept 15, 2016 Meeting
October 6, 2016 Meeting
November 3, 2016 Meeting
December 8, 2016 Meeting
January 19, 2017 Meeting

Standards Information is in the plan.  But here are links for easy reference:

Here is the table that shows the standards data table.

Here are the numerical standards for each library.