Trustee Resources

Short Takes for Trustees access now available!Short takes

Short (8-10 minute) videos, developed and made available through American Library Association’s United for Libraries, on topics of interest to trustees for public libraries.  Topics in the series explain the basics, such as what it means to be a Trustee (discussing the broad fiduciary responsibilities of governing boards as well as the limits of an advisory board), as well as how to set policy, how to evaluate the library director (and why you should!), along with board self evaluation, and the ethical and parliamentary standards for boards — both governing and advisory. Access to these videos is here and is restricted to participating library systems and member libraries.

These videos can be shown during board meetings to stimulate discussion about the roles of library trustees or individual trustees can log in to view these videos.  Trustees in the following library systems please contact their library or their library system for login and password information: Arrowhead Library System, Bridges Library System, Kenosha County Library System, Lakeshores Library System, Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System, and Milwaukee County Federated Library System.

Access to these videos is available through December 31, 2016.


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