Representative Horlacher’s Letter to the Editor

Representative Cody Horlacher recently penned a letter to the editor sharing information about our libraries and giving a shout out to the Bridges Library System.  The letter appeared in the Lake Country Now.  You can read it here.  Thank you!

We sure appreciate Representative Horlacher’s help spreading the good word about our libraries and for his continued support of our mission.  By the way, last year Rep. Horlacher was a co-author on legislation that allowed our library system to grow in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Under the old state law, our board of trustees would have had to more than double in size with the addition of Jefferson County.  Our board felt that a smaller growth would allow appropriate representation but save money.

You can read the legislation here.  A small change to the statute made a big difference for us at the Bridges Library System.  Our board of trustees grew from 7 to 11–not 7 to 15–when we became a multi-county library system.  We are grateful to Representative Horlacher and Senator Nass for co-authoring this legislation and seeing it all the way through the legislative process.

Thanks for your support, Representative Horlacher.