Planning is an important exercise for libraries.  It helps the library focus in a strategic manner and allows the library to better fulfill its mission.

Here are our most recent plans:

Bridges Library System Strategic Plan

Bridges Library System Strategic Plan 2018-2021

(You can see our current status update on the strategic plan here.)

Bridges Library System State Library System Plan

View the 2021 plan of service.

View the 2020 plan of service.

Bridges Library System Budget

View the 2021 budget.

View the 2020 budget.

Bridges Library System Technology Plan

View the 2020-2024 Technology plan.

County Library Services Plans

View the Waukesha County Library Services Plan 2017-2021

View the Jefferson County Library Services Plan 2022-2024

Waukesha County Library Planning Committee

Member Library Strategic Plans

View some of the strategic plans from our member libraries.

Planning Resources

Here are several resources that may assist with library planning efforts: