Library Champions Honored

At the Wisconsin Library Association’s recent legislative day, a number of legislators were honored as library champions, including Senator Stephen Nass and Representative Cody Horlacher.  Sen. Nass and Rep. Horlacher co-authored the legislation that reduced the minimum size required for a library system board in a multi-county system, Wisconsin Act 99.

This legislation was extremely important to our library system as we changed from a single county library system (with a board size of 7) to a multi-county library system (with a minimum board size of 15 under the old law) when we added Jefferson County beginning January 1, 2016.  We did not want to more than double the size of our library system board by becoming a multi-county system and sought to change the law to allow us to have a reasonable growth in the size of our board as well as a board size that reflected our needs for representation.  The law was enacted in late 2015 and we are very grateful to both Senator Nass and Representative Horlacher for authoring this legislation that allows our library system, and any other library system around the state, a smaller board size as determined by local needs.  Thank you to both legislators for making such a positive difference for us!

Here are both legislators receiving their awards from Wisconsin Library Association.


Stephen Nass

Pamela Westby, President of Wisconsin Library Association and Senator Stephen Nass

Cody Horlacher

Representative Cody Horlacher and Pamela Westby, President of Wisconsin Library Association