Libraries Transform


What Is Libraries Transform?

This February, all 24 public libraries of Jefferson and Waukesha Counties are showing our citizens how libraries transform lives and make our communities stronger through a range of programs and initiatives. The Libraries Transform campaign is an initiative of the Bridges Library System inspired by the American Library Association.

Stop Into the Library!

Even if you haven’t been to the library in a while, we invite you to visit us. Each library is hosting a unique program during the month of February; you can view the Calendar of Events here or by clicking on the Library Events button above. You will be entered in a prize drawing if you attend programs at 3 or more libraries in Jefferson or Waukesha counties.

Starting in January, you can pick up a copy of our brochure at any Bridges library or local business. You can also print a copy by clicking on the Get the Brochure button above. Take the brochure with you when you attend programs. Library staff will initial the Passport and you will be entered in the drawing.

Share Your Story

How has the library changed your life? Share a few sentences about what your library means to you. Click the Share Your Story button to get started.

  Thank you for supporting libraries and their mission to transform!