Step Up for Your Library!

Tell your state or local elected officials why you’re thankful for your library. Speaking up for your libraries makes a powerful difference in your community!

Five Steps to Speak Up:

Step 1: Print a postcard to send to your legislator. You can also send an email if you’d prefer.

Step 2: Find the contact information for the elected official(s) you want to send it to. (We suggest sending one to your state senator, state representative, mayor, and/or alderpersons.)

Step 3: Write a few sentences in the postcard or email about why you’re thankful for your library.

Step 4: Include your name, address, and home library so your official knows who it’s from.

Step 5: Send your postcard or email to your elected officials.

Not sure what to write?

“I am thankful for my library because…” or “The library helped me during the pandemic by…” are great ways to start. Even one sentence makes a difference!

Questions? Need additional help? Contact us anytime. Thank you!

Other Simple Ways to Support Your Library

Get A Library Card

Libraries report cardholder stats to local policymakers to advocate for funding and demonstrate value. Signing up for a card shows that your library matters to you!

Check Out Library Materials

Libraries receive funding from material circulation, so each check-out equals dollars to support and run their libraries.

Post & Tag the Library On Social

Telling your friends about all the cool things at the library is a powerful way to spread the library love. Post, Share, and Tag your favorite library every time you visit!

Join Your Library's Friends Group

Friends groups volunteer their time to strengthen their library. Your annual dues also go toward library programming, supplies, and more.

Wisconsin Library Advocacy Quick Links

Wisconsin Library Legislative Information

Find Your Wisconsin Legislators

Click here to search for your Wisconsin elected officials by your address. 

Wisconsin Library Association’s Legislative Day

This day is held annually in February.  Click here to learn more.

Join the Wisconsin Library Association

The Wisconsin Library Association makes our libraries stronger. Click here to become a member of the WLA and support their work!

Wisconsin Library Legislation Updates

Stay informed of Wisconsin legislative updates at the Wisconsin Library Association website.

Wisconsin Library Association’s Position on Cross County Payments

The Library Development and Legislation (LD&L) Committee of Wisconsin Library Association prepared a position paper regarding the cross county payment system that was enacted into law with Act 420.  County payments across county borders is a critically important issue to libraries throughout the state.  You can read that position paper here. See a newer document that explains the issue in color here.  In black and white here.

General Advocacy and Legislation Information

American Library Association Advocacy Tools

Find tools, resources, and updates to support libraries and library professionals across the country at the American Library Association’s website.

American Library Association’s Quotable Facts About America’s Libraries

Download and use this handy Fact Sheet on library use in the United States. 

Impact of Libraries

Find research on why libraries matter here.  See how important they are to our communities throughout Wisconsin by reading the League of Municipalities report here.

Using Impact Data in Advocacy

Learn more about how to use data to demonstrate the impact of what your library provides to its community here.