Karol Kennedy, System Director

For questions about administration, standards, finances and budget, library boards, strategic planning, county planning, county reimbursements, statutes, and staffing

Mellanie Mercier, Automation Coordinator/ Assistant Director

For questions about technology and automation planning and services, email, listservs, library improvement grants, network and Internet questions, databases, statistics, and CAFE including e-commerce, PAC, and reports

Beth Bechtel, Database Management Librarian

For questions about cataloging, CAFE catalog, acquisitions, serials, CAFEcats, authority records, bibliographic records, technical processing

Shawn Carlson, CAFE System Administrator

For questions about Polaris and CAFE applications/administration in the library, circulation issues and policy changes, new user setup and deletions, interlibrary loan, and OverDrive Advantage purchasing

Laurie Freund, Coordinator of Library Development

For questions about professional development, special events, certification,  adult reference, adult programs, and trustee event

Jill Fuller, Marketing & Communications Librarian

For questions about promotional materials, graphics, printing, websites, WordPress, marketing, toolkits, and social media

Angela Meyers, Coordinator of Youth and Inclusive Services

For questions about youth services, 1000 Books before Kindergarten program and app, memory cafes and projects, accessibility, ADA compliance, and special needs services

VACANT, Executive Assistant

For questions related to administrative support, expenses and payments, system calendars and scheduling, cooperative purchases, delivery, office procedures and protocols, and Bridges board meeting information

Report Library Closings

To report a library closing please notify the library system.  We will notify our delivery courier and post the information on our website and our Facebook page.