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There are a number of information sources that can be used to check for the municipality of a specific address. With all of the sites listed below, the less information that you give the higher the chance of a match – try leaving out directions and street designations.

An excellent, fast source for locating the municipality for a property is the MyvoteWi.  Enter the street address (either with or without street designation, i.e. rd, st, ln), city and the ZIP code.

U. S. Census Data

If you are unable to find the address in the US Census Data or MyVoteWI, you can go to website of the county to check the address against the county’s records.   All adjacent county websites are listed below.

» Waukesha County

Type address into the search line. Municipality is listed on the Tax Listing tab under district or can be figured out by the tax key, municipality first then T,V or C.

» Dane County

Choose Parcel Address tab and enter address

 » Dodge County Land Records

Click enter and then fill out the property address line with the street address.  No need to enter a municipality.

» Jefferson County Land Records

Choose parcel address.  Fill in the House Prefix (either N or W), House number and street.  When you begin typing the street it will start trying to match from their list, you can then choose it from their list.  CTH = Cty. Hwy.  STH= State Hwy  No need to fill in the City.

» Ozaukee County

Click on Parcel Search and then enter address information and click search.  Use the codes below to determine the municipality from the first two digits in the Parcel Identification Number:

Ozaukee County Parcel Codes

Parcel ID Municipality
01Town of Belgium lying in Range 22
02Town of Belgium lying in Range 23
03Town of Cedarburg
04Town of Fredonia
05Town of Grafton lying in Range 21
06Town of Grafton lying in Range 22
07Town of Port Washington
08Town of Saukville
09Village of Fredonia
10Village of Grafton
11Village of Saukville
12Village of Thiensville
13City of Cedarburg
14City of Mequon lying in Range 21
15City of Mequon lying in Range 22
16City of Port Washington
17Village of Bayside
18Village of Belgium
19Village of Newburg

  » Racine County

Enter the house number and street name. Use the chart below to determine the municipality by the first three digits of the tax key.

Racine County Parcel Codes

Parcel IDMunicipality
002Town Burlington
006Town Dover
010Town Norway
012Town Raymond
014Town Rochester
016Town Waterford
018Town Yorkville
104Village Caledonia
121Village Elmwood Park
151Village Mt. Pleasant
161Village North Bay
176Village Rochester
181Village Sturtevant
186Village Union Grove
191Village Waterford
192Village Wind Point
206City of Burlington
276City of Racine

» Rock County

Enter street address and then choose parcel details

» Washington County
Click on the agree box for the text only land records. From the pull down menu, choose Parcel Search by Address.  Use the chart below to determine the municipality by the first part of the tax key, i.e. V10 is the Town of Richfield.

Washington County Parcel Codes

Parcel ID Municipality
291City of West Bend
36City of Hartford
GTNVVillage of Germantown
T1Town of Addison
T2Town of Barton
T3Town of Erin
T4Town of Farmington
T5Town of Germantown
T6Town of Hartford
T7Town of Jackson
T8Town of Kewaskum
T9Town of Polk
V10Village of Richfield
T11Town of Trenton
T12Town of Wayne
T13Town of West Bend
V3Village of Jackson
V4Village of Kewaskum
V5Village of Slinger
V6Village of Newburg

 »Walworth County

The map loads and then click on Address Points from the Search Layers menu. Enter the house number and street, click search. If the property comes back with a tax key, look at the first character in the tax key and find it on the list below. If there is not a tax key, click on the line number in the left cell of the address and then zoom in (click on magnifying glass and the property to enlarge it) on the property as the tax key is on the map.

Walworth County Parcel Codes

Parcel IDMunicipality
ATown of Sharon
BTown of Darien
CTown of Richmond
DTown of Whitewater
ETown of Walworth
FTown of Delavan
GTown of Sugar Creek
HTown of LaGrange
ITown of Linn
JTown of Geneva
KTown of Lafayette
LTown of Troy/City of Whitewater
MTown of Bloomfield
NTown of Lyons
OTown of Spring Prairie
PTown of East Troy
QVillage of Darien
RVillage of East Troy
SVillage of Fontana
TVillage of Genoa City
UVillage of Sharon
VVillage of Walworth
WVillage of Williams Bay
XCity of Delavan
YCity of Elkhorn
ZCity of Lake Geneva
#Village of Mukwonago
*City of Burlington