Outreach In A Box

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Outreach In A Box

Boost your marketing presence at community events with Outreach In A Box! An outreach bin and additional outreach equipment are available for any Bridges Library System member library to request and use for local outreach events. Fill out the form below to request your item(s). Please fill out a request at least 5 business days prior to the event. The outreach materials are not available for in-house library programs.

Click here to view the equipment calendar and check the availability of the outreach bin and equipment.

If you have questions, please contact Jill Fuller at jfuller@bridgeslibrarysystem.org.

Outreach In A Box Request Form

Included: tablecloth, three table poster stands, handouts, window clings, notepads, pencils, tattoos, bookmarks, inflatable topics ball, baskets, brochure holders, and flyer holders.

Items listed are not included with the basic outreach bin. Please select what you will need for your event.

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Please request Outreach In A Box items at least five business days prior to event. Please return materials 1-2 business days after event.

If you have an idea of how many people you're likely to see at this event, please let me know here so I can gauge how many pieces of handouts and swag items you'll need. Otherwise, I will send a standard amount.

*Generic Plinko board labels will be included. You can download and create your own labels for the Plinko board at this link.

Basic outreach bin
Folding wagon

Plinko board and case
1 of 2 sets of chairs
1 of 2 tables

Gale Courses table poster
1 Card, 24 Libraries table poster
Libby table poster