Keep New Year’s Resolutions With Help From the Library

Every January, we all resolve to do better. We want to make better choices, improve our well-being, or push ourselves to do that one thing that’s been calling our name for years. But it’s a lot harder to keep New Year’s resolutions than it is to make one. But whether in the pages of a book or in attending a class, the library has all of the help, ideas, and inspiration you need to be the person you’ve always wanted to be. It’s never too late to start here. So how will you keep your New Year’s resolution?

Keep New Year’s Resolutions With These Ideas

Be healthier.

  • Bring your favorite books with you when you exercise. You can download ebooks and audiobooks to your phone using the Libby app.
  • Find healthy recipes in your favorite magazines, like Clean Eating or Eating Well, in the library or on the Flipster app.
  • You can take online classes from home on weight lossgrowing your own food, or even earn certifications in holistic health or nutrition.
  • The library is full of cookbooks for even the pickiest eater! Or see if your library is offering a program on health and wellness.

Start a new hobby.

  • From beekeeping to painting, your public library has a busy calendar of events planned every month. And every program, workshop, or class is free! Don’t see the program you want? Just ask a librarian to find out if it could be offered.
  • Book clubs are still around, but many of our libraries now offer knitting and coloring clubs for those who want to dabble in the arts.
  • Of course, the library’s shelves are stocked with “how-to” books of every kind- car repair! Decoupage! Solar gardening! You can even use your library card to check out a kayak from the Powers Memorial Library (I’m serious!)…but maybe in the spring.

Practice mindfulness.

  • See if your library has started a mindfulness group and drop in to see what it’s all about. If your library doesn’t have one, start your own with some friends and meet at the library! It’s usually pretty quiet in there.
  • Take the Certificate in Mindfulness online class from Gale Courses. You don’t even have to change out of your jammies. 
  • There’s a magazine for that. Many of our libraries offer the Mindful magazine and it’s available anytime on your tablet or phone through the Flipster app.

Write a novel.

  • Surrounded by thousands of books and words, the library is the perfect place to find that literary inspiration. Many libraries even offer coffee, so you can stay focused while you write.
  • Computers and printers are available, so you can type your ideas out even if you don’t have a device of your own.
  • How to Make Money from Your WritingOr Writing Young Adult FictionHow about Beginning Writer’s Workshop? These are all free online classes you can take anytime with Gale Courses.

Save your money.

  • I know we’ve already talked about Gale Courses, but you won’t want to miss the Personal Finance class.
  • If you use the library, you’re already succeeding on this resolution. In one month, if you checked out two books and two movies, you would save about $42.00. Just by borrowing materials, rather than buying them!