Interlibrary Loan

Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning (RL&LL), formerly the Reference and Loan Library, is a team within the Department of Public Instruction. Its staff engages in statewide planning, coordination, and provision of services to assure that Wisconsin residents have equitable access to the collective knowledge and information resources in the state’s libraries. The staff provides reference and interlibrary loan referral services, loans materials from the collection, develops online resource sharing tools such as WISCAT, BadgerLink, the Wisconsin Digital Archives, and other online resources, and manages statewide contracts, all of which contribute to the state’s information network and support of lifelong learning for Wisconsin residents.

WISCAT is the primary tool for loans to and from libraries outside of library system borders.  WISCAT-logo1

The WISCAT resource sharing system consists of a physical union catalog, a virtual union catalog, and an interlibrary loan management module. Information on resource sharing, Wisconsin ILL Guidelines, book kits list, joining the ILLWISCAT email listserv, and more can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website.

There is an annual $200 license fee for libraries that require a staff login/password to do cataloging and/or interlibrary loan requests.  Bridges Library System pays this annual fee directly to the Department of Public Instruction for all Bridges Library System member public libraries.