Trustee Training Week – webinar via

  • August 12, 2019
    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Governing Libraries that Inspire Investment

Rebekkah Smith Aldrich
Executive Director
Mid-Hudson Library System, NY

A primary role of the board is to secure adequate funding for the library. Making the case for funding and inspiring stakeholders to invest in your library has never been more critical. With fierce competition for public and private funds and changing perceptions about what a library actually does, it has never been more important to talk about the essential nature of your library to those you serve to those who make funding decisions about your library. During this webinar you will receive an introduction to the basic building blocks that need to be in place to inspire investment of funding and good will into your library and get a front row seat to some of the latest thinking in the profession on how to ensure your library’s future in an uncertain world.
Rebekkah (MLS, LEED AP, CSBA) is a passionate advocate for public libraries because she knows that libraries are empowerment engines in the communities that they serve. Rebekkah is the sustainability columnist for Library Journal, co-founder of the New York Library Association’s Sustainability Initiative, a founding member of the American Library Association’s Sustainability Round Table.

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