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2020 Newsletters

November 2020: We Challenge You…to a Scavenger Hunt!

October 2020: Introducing…HelpNow homework tools!

September 2020: Library cards are the best school supplies

August 2020: Finding hope at the library

July 2020: We’ve got some trivia for you!

June 2020: Is your library reopening?

May 2020: Pick up library materials!

April 2020: Making face masks, setting up StoryWalks

March 2020: A Farewell and a Hello

February 2020: The only Valentine you’ll ever need: the library!

January 2020: Got reading resolutions? Start at the library.

2019 Newsletters

December 2019: Costco + Library Card= Holiday Savings

November 2019: Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be so hard

October 2019: Save library ebooks!

September 2019: Your “Save More Money” card

August 2019: Do libraries actually matter? We want to know!

July 2019: Say hi to Old MacDonald when you stop at our booth at Farm Tech Days

June 2019: Going somewhere this summer?

May 2019: Spring is more fun at the library!

April 2019: You are the library!

March 2019: Avocados and Messy Mondays

February 2019: Why do you love your library?

January 2019: At the jail, books offer second chances

2018 Newsletters

December 2018: Start the day at the cafe. The CAFE catalog, that is!

November 2018: Are you ready for Tuesday?

October 2018: Don’t be scared. The library is always open.

September 2018: We Believe In the Freedom to Read

August 2018: My Favorite Thing Is Bringing the Library to People

July 2018: Come See Us at the Fair!

June 2018: Want Your Summer to Rock?

May 2018: Find Your Soldier At the Library

April 2018: 4 Ways to Celebrate National Library Week

March 2018: What Are Those Dogs Doing in the Library?

February 2018: Five Reasons To Celebrate Your Library!

January 2018: Got 2018 Goals? The Library Can Help.

2017 Newsletters

December 2017: The Library is Open 24/7

November 2017: 3 Reasons to Share Your Story

October 2017: Caution: Librarians Reading Dangerous Words

September 2017: Library Superheroes: Protecting Your Right to Read

August 2017: You Can Read Books on Your Phone?!

July 2017: The One With All the Pictures

June 2017: How Will You Build a Better World?

May 2017: Save libraries. Visit a magic kingdom. Eat an arm cake?

April 2017: Your Library, Your Voice: Celebrate and Advocate

March 2017: At the Capitol and In Our Communities

February 2017: A Scavenger Hunt, Fighting Fake News, Surviving Winter Blues

January 2017: Happy Anniversary, Bridges!

2016 Newsletters

December 2016: Juggling and Snakes

November 2016: Hello Milwaukee!

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