Delivery is the backbone of resource sharing throughout Bridges Library System.  The physical transiting of items allows citizens access to the greatest number of items and enables libraries to maximize their resources.  Bridges Library System proudly sponsors daily delivery (Monday-Friday) to each of its member libraries.


Delivery Schedule

The delivery schedule is listed below.  If a library closes due to inclement weather or for any other purpose, Bridges Library System should be notified by sending an email to: If delivery will be affected, the System will notify the courier and other libraries.

Please note that the times listed below are ETA’s (estimates of arrival) and can contractually fluctuate up to 40 minutes earlier or later, depending on each day’s delivery volume, road conditions, weather and traffic. 

7:30 amWaukesha Public Library8:00 amHartland Public Library
8:00 amWaukesha County Technical College (WCTC)8:30 amOconomowoc Public Library
8:15 amPewaukee Public Library9:15 amWatertown Public Library
8:30 amDelafield Public Library9:45 amWaterloo (Karl Junginger Memorial Library)
8:45 amNashotah House Seminary Library (Tue/Thur only)10:30 am
Lake Mills (L.D. Fargo Public Library)
9:15 amNorth Lake (Town Hall Library)11:00 amJohnson Creek Public Library
9:45 amSussex (Pauline Haass Public Library)11:30 am
Jefferson Public Library
10:30 amMenomonee Falls Public Library12:00 pmFort Atkinson (Dwight Foster Public Library)
11:00 amButler Public Library12:30 pm
Whitewater (Irvin L. Young Memorial Library)
11:20 amBrookfield Public Library1:00 pmPalmyra (Powers Memorial Library)
11:45 amElm Grove Public Library1:30 pmEagle (Alice Baker Memorial Library)
12:15 pmNew Berlin Public Library2:00 pmMukwonago Community Library
12:45 pmMuskego Public Library5:30 pmBridges Library System Office
1:15 pmBig Bend Village Library
1:45 pmWaukesha Public Library
5:30 pmBridges Library System Office

Special Holiday Schedules

2022 Bridges Fall and Winter Holiday Delivery Schedule & Closings is available here

The following holidays listed below are non-delivery dates:

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day


Delivery Problems

Problems requiring immediate attention (late/missed delivery or damaged materials) should be emailed to Laurie Freund at Be sure to include details and photos as appropriate. If the damaged materials can no longer be circulated, please send those to Laurie’s attention at the Bridges Library System Office.

Noting minor damages for items received in transit can be done using the form that can be found here. (Please download the document before printing). Items with minor damage should be reported to the lending library. 


South Central Library System’s Wisconsin Delivery Network

South Central Library System provides statewide delivery linking library system delivery systems across Wisconsin.  Go to Wisconsin Libraries’ Delivery Network website to learn more and to find the list of accessible libraries, labels and shipping information and guidelines. Read the blog here.


Delivery Procedures

The goal is to use a minimum of bins and for each bin to be full by using a mixture of bags and bundling. This will also help the drivers as they sort en route.

Full bin for 1 library: If you have enough for a full or close to full bin for just one library, close the bin and label the bin for that library.

Partially full bins: If a bin is partially full for just one library (approximately 1/3- or 1/2-full), bag up another partial bin, label the bag, and put it inside another partially full bin. If you have enough room for another bag of materials, prepare that bag as you did with the first one and place it on top of the first bag inside the bin. Be sure to mark the bin label with the appropriate Delivery Code and include a  “B” in the top right corner if there is a delivery bag inside the bin for another library.

Label the bin for the library that has unlabeled materials on the bottom portion of the bin and then write “B” in the upper right corner of the bin so the driver knows there is at least one bag of materials inside the bin that needs to be taken out and delivered to another library.

SORT bins: If you have bundled items for different libraries, put those into a SORT bin. Materials that are going onto South Central Delivery are also to be placed in the SORT bin. 

Media : Media should be placed on the top of all materials within a bin to avoid damaging items.

Guidelines for Bundling Library Materials with Rubber Bands:

  • All materials in a bundle must be for the same library.
  • Bundle materials of the same size. Do not create bundled pyramids.
  • Maximum Size = 4 inches. Do not form bundles over 4 inches high.
  • Avoid creating pyramid bundles. They waste space and break rubber bands.

Delivery Bags: If you have a small stack of materials for one library that are more than what can be bundled, you can put the items in a delivery bag, circle the bag label who it is for, and place the bag inside a delivery bin. Be sure to mark a “B” in the upper right corner of the bin label so the driver knows there is a bag for a different library inside the bin.

Find transit labels here. Use these for labeling materials.

Questions: Contact Laurie Freund (email: or phone: 262-896-8083) at the Bridges Library System Office if you have any questions.