Delivery Procedures

The goal is to use a minimum of bins and for each bin to be full by using a mixture of bins, bags, and bundling. This will also help the drivers as they sort en route. A one-page Dos & Don’ts Poster is also available.

Full bin for 1 library: If you have enough for a full or close to full bin for just one library, close the bin and label the bin for that library.

Partially full bins: If a bin is partially full for just one library (approximately 1/3- or 1/2-full), bag up another partial bin, label the bag for that library with a materials label, and put it inside the partially-full bin on top of the items in the bin. If you have enough room for another bag of materials, prepare that bag as you did with the first one and place it on top of the first bag inside the bin. Label the bin for the library that has unlabeled materials on the bottom portion of the bin and then write “B” in the upper right corner of the bin so the driver knows there is at least one bag of materials inside the bin that needs to be taken out and delivered to another library.

SORT bins: If you have just enough items for a library to create one bundle, then bundle, label the materials, and place them in the SORT bin. Materials that are going on the South Central Delivery are also to be placed in the SORT bin. If you happen to have an extra bag of materials that do not fit into any of the partially full bins, you may place the bag in the SORT bin and then write a “B” in the upper right corner of the SORT bin label so the driver knows to pull the bag out. Only materials going into the SORT bins are to be bundled.

Media : Media should be placed on the top of all materials within a bin to avoid damaging items.

Guidelines for Bundling Library Materials with Rubber Bands:

1. Same Library. All materials in a bundle must be for the same library.
2. Same Size. Bundle materials of the same size.
3. Maximum Size = 4 inches. Do not form bundles over 4 inches high.
4. Avoid creating pyramid bundles. They waste space and break rubber bands.

Find transit labels here.

Library Procedures Poster:  Click here for the link to the poster you can print out for your library backroom listing simple Dos and Don’ts for delivery.

Questions: Contact Laurie Freund (email: or phone: 262-896-8083) at the Bridges Library System Office if you have any questions.


Full bin for one library                   Full bag for one library

Good bundling        Bad bundling

Good bundling technique                         Bad bundling (pyramid)