December Delivery

Delivery driverHere’s our transition plan to help everyone get on board for delivery to our two counties.

The Plan

  • Now through Tuesday, December 8:  Jefferson County continues with Mid-Wisconsin delivery service (Action Logistics).  Waukesha County libraries continue with WCFLS delivery (CS Logistics).  If your library will be closed for any dates during the this offline time, please notify Laurie Freund ( by Tuesday, November 24 so we can post on the website which libraries will be closed for both Jefferson and Waukesha Counties.  Also, please let me know if your library cannot accept delivery for any of these dates.
  • Library keys and cards:  Jefferson County libraries:  The Action Logistics driver will need to hand over any keys or access cards he has for your library to you on December 8, 2015 since that is the last day Action Logistics will be providing delivery to your library.  Please check with the driver to make sure you have the keys/cards so you can give it to the CS Logistics driver.  Please give CS Logistics driver any necessary keys or cards for your library on the first day of delivery, December 9, 2015.  Waukesha County libraries:  CS Logistics will continue to provide delivery through the end of December.  Since the exchange of keys and cards from CS Logistics to Action Logistics will happen right around the holidays, we are still working out the details and will let you know when we have a plan worked out.
  • Bin and Material Labels:  Please plan on using down time to print out and cut needed bin and material delivery labels from the reproducible labels found on the Delivery web page:  If you need assistance with printing these labels, please contact Laurie (email: or phone: 262-896-8083).  Your library will need to use these when the new delivery begins for Jefferson County on December 10th.  The labels have county identifiers that will be used to differentiate the delivery bins.  Having them properly labeled will ensure the exchange of bins happens smoothly.


Wed, December 9 – Monday, January 4:  CS Logistics will be handling both Jefferson and Waukesha County routes.  Here are some important dates:

  • Wed, December 9:  No materials will be delivered to Jefferson County since CAFE is offline.  Instead, CS Logistics will be delivering each library the following items to help you get started: bins, bin label sleeves for new bins (please stick on blank short side of new bins), and bags
  • Thurs, December 10:  Go-Live date.  Delivery service for Bridges Library System
  • Transfers between the counties will begin at the Bridges Library System Office.
  • Thurs, December 24:  We will have delivery service for those libraries that are open.  More information will be forthcoming.
  • Friday, December 25: Holiday. No delivery.  (Enjoy your day!)
  • Thurs, December 31:  We will have delivery service for those libraries that are open.  More information will be forthcoming.   
  • Fri, January 1: Holiday.  No delivery.  (Happy New Year! Welcome Jefferson County!)
  • Mon, January 4: Action Logistics will begin the Waukesha County route.  CS Logistics will continue with the Jefferson County route.
    • Transfers between the counties and vendors will take place at the Bridges Library System Office daily with pickups in the mornings and drop-offs at the end of the day.